Sabtu, 15 Maret 2014



            Hai every one.. Allow me to introduce my self for a couple of minutes. My complete name Yunitha Kusumawaty and my nickname is Nitha. So you can call me Nitha not Kusuma. I was born in Jakarta, june 20th 1994. It was a long time and about nineteen years ago right?
I live in Jl. West Rawajati I no. 56. I live with my father and my mother. I have  one brother and one sister. My bother is 33 years old named Helmawan Susanto but now he was married and have 2 children. My sister  is 31 years old named Novira Kusumawaty she is was married too and have 1 children. I think, I will not tell more about my family because it consumes time too much.
             My hobby is watching box office movie. One of my favourite movies is Miracle in cell 7. It is such an amazing movie and I always cry although I have watched it thousand times.  I also like listening to music. I especially like classical and jazz music very much. And i like to playing game with my nephew because all that make me happy and entertain my self. I am  friendly, sometimes I am shy if i meet new people. I can speak Mandarin and i like everything about culture of China. I graduated from 37 senior high school, and now i am studing in Gunadarma University.
Well, that’s the end of my self introduction. Thank you for your attention. Good day and have a nice day    

1.      I was born in Jakarta, june 20th 1994
Subjek : i , verb : was born , Modifier : in Jakarta

2.      My hobby is watching box office movie.
Subjek : My hobby , Verb : watching , Complement : box office movie

3.      I also like listening to music
Subjek : i , Verb : listening, Complement : to music

4.      I can speak Mandarin
Subjek : I , Verb : speak , Complement : Mandarin

5.      Now i am studing in Gunadarma University
Subjek : i am , Verb : studing , Modifier : in Gunadarma University

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