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tulisan 10 "What Heppened to Supply and Demand?"

What Heppened To Supply and Demand?

The down fall of are economy must be observed in a historical sense. While many will point to globalism and international treaties as the main reasons for our present economic situation. Supply and demand has long been the first basic lesson learned in economic courses around the world. Prices will rise and fall as the relationship between supply and demand shift. For decades we have been killing our ability to create demand. Falling wages, jobs moving off shore, and increased costs of living have decreased the ability for people to purchase items and goods. At each level more people became employed. These employed individuals created demand in their areas and thus spurred the same response. The growth of stores and businesses. Supply and demand in action. Businesses shift and move to follow profits taking their low wage model with them creating no demand at the new location. The economy is a flowing mechanism. Money must follow and not pool in a single account or economic class. As money flows it is taxed at every transaction helping to fill public coffers. Money earned by the working and middle class will be spent. This spending will create demand and serve the business environment and the factories that supply them and Bring back demand!.

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